Saturday, 24 August 2013



LeiVanKash statement ring
$405 -
ok, this one's on my keep dreaming list.. but if you can afford this lil baby you'll be rockin some serious style. love love love this ring. ill be surely on the hunt for a cheaper version.

Blu Bijoux yellow gold earrings
$18 -
this earrings are so gorgeous. with the versatility to be able to dress them up or down, they make you look good in any outfit! (maybe not your trackies... or maybe?) one things for sure, you'll be turning heads in these stunners.

Cute home decor
$28 -
simple. bold. gold. a statement piece to glam up your desk.

Gold throw pillow

Gold throw pillow

Gold throw pillow
from $65 -
these cushions have been on my wishlist for a long while now. they're just such a step up from your usual block colour cushion. gold luxe but in fresh and on trend patterns. these are a modern twist on luxurious decor.

Gold lamp

$120 -

geometric structure + gold = win. this would be perfect for my desk, and i'm sure, yours to!

Home decor
$33 -
the stapler. a staple item in any home office. (see what i did there? i know, i'm terrible.) but if you've gotta have one, you might aswel have one in gold!

Sun mirror
$555 -
the Aztec sunburst mirrors are making some regular appearances in the design world at the moment. i personally like this one available at, coz who doesn't want to see the sun shine around their face?

Jonathan Adler Metallic Zebra Dish
$36 -
AAAHHHH! love this dish! its possibly my favourite item in this edit. Jonathan Adler.. you're such an old faithful. and its such a GREAT price! this will absolutely be making an appearance on my desk!

$13 -
lets face it, every designer has a wild imagination, and why not celebrate this wondrous gift with a dedication to it. a cute little unicorn to remind the little girl in us all to dream a little!

St Tropez Small Bowl White at The Brown Trading Co
$19.95 -
YES. YES. YES. i need this. for my naughty desk snacks ;)

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