Saturday, 24 August 2013



LeiVanKash statement ring
$405 -
ok, this one's on my keep dreaming list.. but if you can afford this lil baby you'll be rockin some serious style. love love love this ring. ill be surely on the hunt for a cheaper version.

Blu Bijoux yellow gold earrings
$18 -
this earrings are so gorgeous. with the versatility to be able to dress them up or down, they make you look good in any outfit! (maybe not your trackies... or maybe?) one things for sure, you'll be turning heads in these stunners.

Cute home decor
$28 -
simple. bold. gold. a statement piece to glam up your desk.

Gold throw pillow

Gold throw pillow

Gold throw pillow
from $65 -
these cushions have been on my wishlist for a long while now. they're just such a step up from your usual block colour cushion. gold luxe but in fresh and on trend patterns. these are a modern twist on luxurious decor.

Gold lamp

$120 -

geometric structure + gold = win. this would be perfect for my desk, and i'm sure, yours to!

Home decor
$33 -
the stapler. a staple item in any home office. (see what i did there? i know, i'm terrible.) but if you've gotta have one, you might aswel have one in gold!

Sun mirror
$555 -
the Aztec sunburst mirrors are making some regular appearances in the design world at the moment. i personally like this one available at, coz who doesn't want to see the sun shine around their face?

Jonathan Adler Metallic Zebra Dish
$36 -
AAAHHHH! love this dish! its possibly my favourite item in this edit. Jonathan Adler.. you're such an old faithful. and its such a GREAT price! this will absolutely be making an appearance on my desk!

$13 -
lets face it, every designer has a wild imagination, and why not celebrate this wondrous gift with a dedication to it. a cute little unicorn to remind the little girl in us all to dream a little!

St Tropez Small Bowl White at The Brown Trading Co
$19.95 -
YES. YES. YES. i need this. for my naughty desk snacks ;)

Thursday, 22 August 2013


awww, i miss my boy this late at night :'(
pillow snuggles it is..
im definitely all blogged and polyvored out!
goodnight beautiful, sleepy world! x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


an ode to cactus + coconut

an ode to cactus + coconut by coconut-bunny

Safari jewelry
$160 -
How adorable is this sterling silver/enamel cactus-pendant by Victoria Mason? Coined 'bunny-ears', i cant stop drooling over it! You'll be a sure fire hit when you rock this little gem!

Wall art
$6.28 -
I love the soft textures of these handmade watercolours. And how can you go wrong at under $10 a print?!! It's ridiculous-ness! But what isn't ridiculous, is the sense of peace and calm they suggest when viewed. These look great grouped together, or will shine as a stand alone piece.

CB2 round plate
$22 -
Inject your space with a hint of gold for a sense of grandeur. Double that awesome feeling using this little baby - the lotus flower is an iconic symbol of peace. Take 20 minutes out of your busy day, light the candle, and drift away to fantasy lands within your imagination. Plus, this is one flower you won't have to worry about replacing once it's withered.. and at a nice price to! 

Glazed planter / candle
$88 -
Aaaah.. the Kelly Lamb 'Ever' candle.. This particular range is inspired by the designer's favourite times of the day - Dawn, Dusk and Midnight. The candle's wax is made with 100% coconut wax, which can be WORN AS A SOLID PERFUME! *drools* And the uses don't end there - no sir! Once this candle has evaporated, it is intended to be used as i must say, a DAMN FINE planter! it will be mine, OH. YES. it will, be mine.

Office supply
$10 -
A quirky way to personalise your notes and scribbles? Don't mind if i do!

Uashmama Washable Metallic Paper Bag (Gold/Brown) LARGE
$25 -
These are HUGE at the moment... and for good reason! Pronounced WASH-MAMA these are not only fun to say, but are also eco-friendly and so, so versatile. They work as planters, storage (desk, kitchen, bathroom...), grocery bags, lunch bags.. The list truly DOES go on. And let's face it, they're just DAMN trendy! You will find them in a number of different colours, and let me be the first to say, this won't be the last we see of them! I predict new releases, featuring on-trend patterns and colours - can we hear a shout for a pastel line uashmama?! And don't worry about getting these bad boys dirty.. unlike an ACTUAL paper bag.. you can just throw these in with the next washing load - voila! Good as new!

Ceramic Skull Planter - perfect for cactus succulent or air plant
$46 -
Next on my purchase list is a skull planter for my brand new pet - OPIE! Part of the inspiration behind the birth of this blog.. OPIE is a rose pincushion cactus, and i suspect, the first of a new obsession... heh <3

Moth origami lampshade autumn green and white
$115 -
This item ranks second on my favourites list for this collab. I think ill go in more detail in a seperate post - I'll just say that these WILL (if not already) be ICONIC in design. Origami is majorly trending right now. Whether you've jumped on board or not, there's no denying that these shades are just crazy good.

Coral Cactus Live Plant Necklace. Variety by WearItMiniPlants
$9.41 -
This... Is a living plant.. In a necklace.. That you can wear.
COMMMME ONNNNN!! I mean, shut. the front. door.
And no, its not just any plant, it's a freakin' cactus!
Oh, how i praise you Etsy! This is a $10 version of a (not as great), exact item on modcloth, retailing for around $40 i think? And with this Etsy version there are stacks to choose from! With a little description of the species, and how to care for that species, so you can eventually re-plant it! Just think, planting something that's travelled all over with you! Aaah the memories <3  
The dearer version has only one mass produced type - boring. 
Houston, we have a ... uhh, winner :D

$30 -
YOU, little alpaca buddy, are welcome on my desk anytime! ^.^

Golden Barrel Cactus Kit
What a GREAT housewarming gift! Yes, Etsy i return to you again with high hopes, and you do not disappoint! This is a great, low-maintenance, injection of lush, plant-life to your favourite friend'S day, all wrapped up in a cute, eco-friendly box! whats not to like?!
DIRECTIONS: just add water, and love <3

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


i was struggling to find something to open with... this adorableness seems appropriate <3

image via chibird