Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I can bet my bottom dollar that you've heard of Emily Ziz Style Studio, but have you actually had a wander over to the online textiles store to see what it's all about?

Well, the release of her new SHIBORI WALLPAPER is what led me over, and I'm glad it did!

When I arrived and explored a little, I found there is much more than just incredible wall coverings offered on this site!

To begin I found interest in hand-felted merino-wool creations by a lady named Ronel Jordaan.
I love the way she mimics nature to a tee. Just look at the detail in these pebbles! They are made without stitching, so are one piece, not several pieces stitched together. She also adapts sustainable, fair trade methods from the materials to the staff.

I also admired the nests and these sheep sculptures. I think they would fit in perfectly with the Scandinavian vision i have for my home! And the sheep can be used as floor lamps to!

This bed has been styled nicely using the combination of cut out and patterned throws, pebble garland and floor-mat, floral sham, and the big ripple seat. I ADORE! Ν

But back to the wallpaper! As i mentioned previously, it was the release of the SHIBORI that took my heart! Here are a few examples of ways you could make use of this gorgeous textile in your own home :


Also, here are few more that caught my eye! 

Watercolour. While similar to the Shibori, shines in it's own right.

This concrete wall covering doesn't only have to be used in industrial themes! Notice it gives depth in this crisp white setting -

I think a strip of this wood log wallpaper would look amazing in a Scandinavian style apartment near a fireplace, for those that didn't have access to ACTUAL wood logs.

For a pop of colour, i thought these Bonnie & Neil wall tiles would do the job! Made of wood i believe? Just TRY and frown around this gorgeous burnt orange design.. 

So, hop to it! Check out this little treasure trove at>Emily Ziz Style Studio