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Home Beautiful Oct '13

Every month I look forward to my favourite indulgences - home design magazines. If you love decorating, then you know the feeling of gasping in delight at every turn of the page. The kind of excitement that makes your partner wander what the heck is causing you to make those weird ooh, ahh noises over there, snuggled up in your comfy little corner! ...Don't worry though, nothing suss going on here. It's just a design thing. This post is on Home Beautiful's October '13 issue which I picked up today. 

Inside the Home Beautiful October Issue 2013

One of their better issues In my opinion, they feature a very lust worthy section on spaces awash in pastel hues. Now, this has been done many a time before, but we certainly haven't had our fix yet. Some great products featured here, majority of them being new labels or designs for me, which is always refreshing! 

This issue also introduces a new app. Now I am a SUCKER for a good app! This one is netpage. I think the concept is great, and I do believe it will progress to include a wider range as more attention is called to it. It enables you to scan pages, and buy items displayed on said page by directing you to the product's webstore. You are also able to save favourite pages for later, which in the future, may eradicate the destruction of treasured magazines. (Oh how bittersweet it is cutting them up!) It, like all other apps these days, is linked with all the social stuff so sharing isn't an issue here. The downfall though, is that only a bare minimum of pages were linked to the app! Like i said, great concept, but for now I would have liked it to be linked to more products!

I think the real homes featured in this issue didn't wow me all that much, bar a few pages, and the street spotlight wasn't too enticing, but I definitely have some new online retailers to add to the ever expanding list!

Another great section was the 'LITTLE WONDER'S' - a segment that delves into small bathrooms (like my own!) and how to make the most of tight spaces. There are some great space saving tips in there that'll make you wonder why you didn't think of that yourself!

Inside the Home Beautiful October Issue 2013

I have indeed saved my favourite part of the magazine for last. And it is SUCH good news.. 

So... Planning a Melbourne trip is now on the agenda. (No one ever graces Adelaide.. Not ever..) not to worry, this event is going to be a winner! After missing the lifeinstyle show that left me a little sourpuss for a few days, I am pumped again to make it to this one. 

It will feature 4 zones, building, interiors, bathrooms and kitchens and outdoors. It is based around an Eco approach to living and a green footprint. This means lots of cool new designs and gadgets, hopefully some gorgeous scandi styled spaces, and guest celebrities such as Kevin himself! 

I've been tuning into grand designs UK for the past year and a half now, and I am captivated. It's very exciting to see everyday peoples dreams be put into practice and made a reality. After just having discovered that the Grand Designs Australia magazine I've been eyeing off recently, is actually Australia's version of the same thing, it wont be long until I'm hooked on that as well!

And for $30 a ticket, this is one not to be missed! On ya' Kevin ya bloody guru!

So a great jam packed issue, with a little something for all tastes. I already can't wait for next months! Good job HB!

Hot tip: speaking of taste, pick up your copy from Woolworths to score a free mini entertaining recipe book, with some great styling advice and devilishly decadent meals to wow when you host your next occasion!

Inside the Home Beautiful October Issue 2013

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