Tuesday, 24 September 2013



To celebrate the opening of Australia's second dose of West Elm, this time in Melbourne, I thought I might dedicate a post to it.

Boasting an amazing range of luxuriously gorgeous home-wares and furnishings, and not to forget that AMAZING living wall by GSky, this is one shop you can't afford to walk past.. after all, everyone needs to splurge a little sometimes, right? ♡

Now unfortunately, being a broke ass waitress/ student in little Adelaide... I haven't yet had the opportunity to experience first hand, the wonderful magic that is west elm. BUT, that hasn't stopped me from doing a little online stalking! So I present to you..

An easy way to spend $500 in this home decorating kingdom!

Love the minimalistic look of this range. The font reminds me of 'Where the Wild Things Are', which let's face it, is a great childhood memory for most!
Now the mortar and pestle, and also the measuring jug aren't available in the Australian online store - these can be found on the American one.

A scandinavian style tea party anybody?

Not only is this range have absolute wow factor... its on sale! ♡
(love the deep navy/ inky colour)

Can't go past a comforting, fluffy, Mongolian sheepskin cushion for those cuddly nights in!

The images below bring the budget over $500, but I'd still like to feature them as they're pretty great!

I've actually had my eye on this set for a while now (as perhaps have you?) Unfortunately when I tried to hunt it down, it's again, only available on the American website :( Big thumbs down there.
But they absolutely still deserve a mention here!

If you're going for that coastal feel in your home, then don't look past this linen. cute + sailor.
I could get naughty-cal in these sheets! - get it.. heh.

Well there you have it, as if you didn't need further encouragement to check out this goldmine!
And if you're down in Melbourne - well, you're a lucky little chicken then!


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