Saturday, 14 September 2013



I am sure everybody has heard by now, but i thought i'd do a mini post anyways to share my own excitement! Now, i have to say the iPhone 5C is kind of cool, pretty colours and everything, but not too appealing to me. It's the champagne or gold 5S that has my eye! i had previously seen some RIDICULOUSLY expensive custom gold iPhone 5 (the previous model) pics floating around tumblr, and this new release reminds me of that, at a much more affordable price. 

One of the most exciting things? The new fingerprint scanner! It recognises you and only you, so your device becomes useless to any pesky thieves! And how spy-like is it? Haha! it reminds me of futuristic movies.. so i guess you could say the future is well and truly here!

This feature can be used for unlocking your phone, and also to make purchases, eliminating the need for time consuming passwords!

I do understand the skepticism linked to this though. What if it doesn't read my print properly? Will i still be able to get it fixed cheaply and quickly if it breaks? What if it malfunctions and i cant enter my phone? - It has all crossed my mind, but to be honest, i think that a company of such high status would surely have put A LOT of research and refining into this feature, so I'm not entirely worried.

Now, i wasn't too big a fan of the normal iPhone 5, for it's flimsiness, so i do hope that this model will be an improvement, and not just grabbing my attention for it's swanky new looks.

But the looks are certainly gorgeous! Even the interface has had a makeover! I think that will be refreshing. The camera is also said to have big improvements, incorporating the filters and square photo options we all know and love from instagram and other photography apps. It also has panoramic mode which is good for me as i live on the coast! There are of course other improvements, but we'll leave that to the techy people!

With this model Apple have also taken it upon themselves to release their own line of cases especially for these 2 new models. The 5S cases are keeping in with the luxurious theme using soft leather on the outside and microfiber for the lining. I'm not entirely sure how they'll hold up against the outside world that your 'life in palm' device stands against each day, but we'll see :)

So September 20 is the day we'll see this little baby released. I think i'll be waiting for mine though. I expect the stores and phone lines to be a little cray cray that day! haha.

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  1. I really love the champagne color.i juz got myself tge new samsung mega an I hate it.i see it sells for about $900 thereangel did u really post these blogs.if so u r a good writer. I thought some pro editor wrote it. Xoxo