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After my last post for blacklist studio, i was inspired to head on over to the minimalist.com, and funny thing, they actually sell blacklist prints! a good sign right off the bat! Haha so i guess there's a little theme ringing in here... but anyways, here's a post on one of my favourite stores at the moment! :D 
"The Minimalist
 We source unique, limited edition and designer made product from around the  globe. The Minimalist isn't about buying less but buying better."
that is the description you will see when you navigate to this site, and i think it rings true when you look at their products. 
here you will find wares ranging from Eco and minimal to on-trend patterns and striking statement pieces.
i will feature a selection of my favourites and let you head on over and do the rest of the exciting treasure hunting for yourself!

This is my pick of the body products available on the site. I especially love the fresh look of the toothpaste. The Salus body soak would probably be my first buy (if i was with bath) though. Lavender and black salt sounds divine!

Stop the water while using me / Mint toothpaste

Grapefruit and Jasmine / Body Cleanser  Organic lavender and black salt / Body soak
TOP : Stop the water while using me - toothbrush, toothpaste
BOTTOM : Salus - body cleanser, body soak

Tiger says Meow / PrintShapes/ Postcard set

Circles / Print Layered Hearts / Print

The iconic tiger print is unfortunately sold out, but you can buy it here


Faceture Vase / White Brass paper weight

the vase is available in a number of pastels such as yellow, pink and turqoise.. also a great matte black! The gold paper weights are so gorgeous. Love the hexagonal prism!

Skull votive / Black or white Porcelain coffee spoon / Black

These skull votives are a steal at only $29! And the perfect alternative to the whole wax skull version which are all the rage right now. Not only are they cheaper, but you can actually light them and they will never melt away! Superb value for money :D
The perfect scoop with style. I tend to drink a lot of loose leaf tea, and have been on the hunt for a great scoop for a while now, i may have found 'the one'.

Ish 03 mint / Tea Towel  

The minamalist.com have a great range of colour co-ordinating tea--towels, collect every one and you have a. aesthetically pleasing display with a double use!

Bali Nights / Peach / Linen throw    Fest  Blanket / Black and off white

The focus here is of course on the throw blankets. The first gorgeously dubbed Bali Nights/ Peach, and the  second a great monochromatic,with neon trim,geometric beauty. The fest blanket in black and off white..

Storage sack / Peaches

 There are TONS of different designs for these storage baskets! Check them out!


Faceture Pendant / White  Chestnut origami pendant / White Plumen bulb

The first matches the vase featured further up, and then, there's that AMAZING origami shade again! this time in the chestnut. I need to get my hands on one of these pronto!
How genius are these light bulbs? I'm astounded somebody hadn't thought to design them like this earlier! I think they'd look great hanging on their own from a single cord as pictured.

Handmade earrings / Various
Last but not least are these gorgeous 'BOXY' earring studs! The hardest part would be choosing which colour to buy first! I think they're just so cute and girly!

Well there you have it. A pick of my favourites from this incredible store! Do yourself a favour and head on over. There are so many more treasures to compliment your home, you won't be disappointed! 


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